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chitter chatter

Marlene McKinnon
25 August
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[RP journal for MWPP RPG]

Name: Marlene McKinnon (prefers Marlie).

Age: 17.

Year: 7th.

House: Ravenclaw.

Bloodline: Half-blood.

Physical: Marlene is quite a fit girl, as she jogs and walks regulary. She has toned stomach muscles. She does not play Quidditch or any other wizarding sport, but prefers to exercise her own way. Generally, Marlene doesn't get sick very often, but when she does, she gets quite ill and usually ends up in the Hospital Wing for a few days. Unfortunately she's a little prone to be clumsy, which can lead to some injuries. Marlene is pretty, with long orange hair (that happens to change quite regulary) an average sort of height, and a slim figure. She's not model material, but is a pretty girl.

Mental: Marlie is a very strong-minded person, with the will to argue and outsmart all those who challenge her mentally. She's a very happy, excitable person, but when she's down, she doesn't deal with it terribly well. She was never been put through any trauma as a child so she is a mentally healthy person all round. Being in the Ravenclaw house, you would expect her to be a bright girl, which she is. However, she'd drop the books and study and have fun. She doesn't need to study or work very hard to pass a test, but she does try and cram studying time in so she can get a mark that shows her mental ability.

Friends: (Fabian, Annie, Sirius)Marlie is a very friendly girl, but doesn't have more than a handful of good friends. Until recently, she never really saw the need for friendship, so didn't really bother.

Artistic: As a rule, Marlene isn't a very artistic person and takes no joy in art or dancing.

Bad Habits: Although she did promise her mother to quit after Mrs Mckinnon found cigarette butts in her rose garden, she likes to smoke a little too much. She quit for quite a while, then took up smoking to vent her stress when her mother died.

40 Points System:

Physical (sporting abilities/quidditch): 5
Strength (physical): 7
Mental (how well they deal with emotion): 4
Intelligence: 9
Social (ability to get on with people): 8
Artistic (drawing/writing/singing/dancing): 1
Looks (the way they perceive themselves): 9